The kitchen cabinet, wardrobes and Fitout Industry is becoming standardized and very personalized today with a ever growing demand for quality work. Precision CAD CAM evolved with a motto to provide a platform for designing and machining of cabinets of various types such that they will be ready for assembling, and will also make the work more efficient and profitable.

A joint venture by Ginni and Gautham laid the foundations of Precision CAD-CAM. Starting from a CNC Operator, Detailer, Designer and moving on to become an Operations Manager Ginni climbed his way up the ladder in the Manufacturing stream. On the contrary, Gautham has also had a lot of experience in the joinery industry as an estimator and project manager while pursuing various project. The company has an in-house Production Planning, Designing and a Machining system and a machining system, all under one roof which is one of a kind.

With Ginni and Gautham's in-depth knowledge and experience in the joinery industry, we have come up with the best possible solution for providing both Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Machining all at the same place.

In order to make the service more streamlined, process effective and efficient, we are working consistently to develop the best cabinet making methods for lean production with the help of available technology and our machinery.